Water with collagen 20 pcs

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A refreshing soft drink with collagen

Collagen - the elixir of life, health and youth. Collagen is a protein that makes up 30% of all connective parts of the body and is found in bones, muscles, skin and tendons. Aging leads to a loss of collagen, which is first seen on the skin on the outside and on the loss of cartilage on the inside. In addition to contributing to the youthful appearance of the skin, the daily intake of hydrolyzed collagen is one of the basic things you can do to fight the weather.
Collagen can be found in many foods, but the main advantage of our hydrolyzed collagen is - 5x greater utilization than traditional intake of collagen through food. From today, Uff collagen is your first choice for the vitality of your body!

Hydrolyzed collagen affects:

  • Helps maintain healthy skin: Lack of collagen can lead to wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity.
  • Helps strengthen hair and nails: Lack of collagen can lead to brittle hair and nails.
  • Helps maintain joint health: Collagen is the main building block of cartilage, which serves as a cushion between joints. Lack of collagen can lead to various joint problems such as arthritis.
  • Helps reduce inflammation: Collagen has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Helps improve heart health: Collagen can help maintain heart muscle health and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Helps improve digestion: Collagen can help improve digestive health by supporting healthy bowel function.
  • Helps strengthen muscles: Collagen is important for building and maintaining muscle mass. A lack of collagen can lead to a decrease in muscle mass and muscle weakness.