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Package of 20 pieces

250 ml - 6% vol.

Why is bevanda special?

The beverage is special because until now there has not been a recorded presence of a "traditionally mixed" ready-to-eat beverage in packaging, ready for immediate consumption, on our market.

The history of the drink tells us that it was created in Dalmatia when the workers who worked in the fields disinfected the water (which usually came in tanks) with wine, that is, with the alcohol present in the wine.

Thus, workers who consumed bevanda satisfied their thirst and avoided unwanted consequences such as drunkenness. Bevanda is wine mixed with water, which is best consumed during or after a meal. 

It is characteristic of the Dalmatian climate, and it is a reflection of a long tradition, therefore it is the perfect drink for all lovers of autochthonous flavors.